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4 Reasons Your Baby Teeth Play A Big Role In Your Life

Sept 3 2018

You probably think baby teeth are just for finding creative ways to be pulled out, like with a string and a doorknob. Or maybe you think they are just for those cute moments where you sneak into your child’s room at night as the “tooth fairy” and give them some money for losing their tooth. Well, below you can find 4 reasons your baby teeth actually play a much bigger role in your life than that.

1. The health of your adult teeth can depend on your baby teeth

Baby teeth are quite small in comparison to adult teeth. The cavities that develop as a kid can spread quickly due to their size, even to your adult teeth; believe it or not, your adult teeth grow underneath your baby teeth. If your baby teeth are left untreated they can cause damage to your adult teeth.

2. Speech development

The proper speech patterns you develop are a result of sound moving correctly across the teeth in your mouth. If the alignment of your baby teeth is not proper it can result in the mispronunciation of some sounds. In turn, this creates poor speech patterns to develop as a kid which you then take with you into your adult life.

3. They affect the alignment of your permanent teeth

If your baby teeth are lost too early they can leave a long-lasting gap that won’t be filled in until your adult teeth are ready to come in. The surrounding teeth will, as a result of the missing space, work to fill in the area. It is important to be aware of this because it can lead to bad tooth alignment due to the adult tooth having less room to grow in properly.

4. Creating the right habits

Your adult habits often start their development from childhood. As a kid, you learn the proper ways to brush your teeth, chew your food, and floss. If you develop improper health habits with your baby teeth you won’t be able to properly take care of your adult teeth.

Make sure your child’s teeth aren't the reason they don’t develop into the confident, proud young men and women you know they can be. Contact Dr. Sato to schedule an appointment for your child(ren).

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