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Back to School Dental Health

Aug 31 2018

School is upon us and that means your kids are away from home and all those good habits you taught them. Going back to school is definitely a change in routine but don’t let that affect your kid’s oral hygiene. To keep up with their dental health this school year, here are a couple of tips to remember:

Continue brushing and flossing

It can be easy to skip a night of brushing when your children have other changes going on - such as homework - that becomes a priority. But no matter what is going on that’s different in your child’s schedule, be sure they continue to brush and floss each day.

Healthy snacks

Be sure to keep healthy food stocked in your house for lunches and after school snacks. Your kids can quickly get into a habit of eating poorly when no one is making sure they’re eating well.

Trips to the dentist

Don’t let their school year be interrupted because of dental health issues.

You never want to be dealing with dental health issues when your child should be spending time in class. Keeping up with your dental hygiene and seeing your dentist for a cleaning and check-up can help keep your mouth in good shape for the school year.

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