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How Can I Get My Child To Brush More?

Nov 20 2017

How Can I Get My Child To Brush More?

A difficult task many parents face is how to get their child to brush more. It is a struggle to get a kid interested in dental hygiene, but here are some tips to help make teeth brushing a little easier.

Use an electric toothbrush
An electric toothbrush may be more fun for children to use, and, not only that, electric toothbrushes can clean a little better than your average manual toothbrush.

Play a song
If your child has a favorite song, play that when they are brushing their teeth. They will be more excited to brush their teeth and will brush for a longer period of time so they can listen to the song.

Have a schedule
Including teeth brushing into your child’s daily routine will help them get used to brushing and it will slowly grow into a habit.

Let them choose a toothpaste
When your child gets to pick their own toothpaste they will be more excited to use it.

Is your child due for a teeth cleaning?

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