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Dental Hygiene - The Importance of Flossing On A Regular Basis

Sept 17 2018

Most people know of the importance of brushing twice a day, but dental professionals repeatedly hear justifications regarding why their patients don't floss.

Some patients assume that only brushing their teeth is sufficient. Many saw a 2016 story pointing out the lack of studies done on the real benefits of flossing. Other people are concerned that using floss causes discomfort or causes gum bleeding.

The important thing to recognize is brushes are not able to reach all of the parts of your teeth. Areas are present between your teeth where very small bits of food and bacteria can trigger plaque buildup. While various mouthwashes can get to these spots and eliminate the bacteria, they are not capable of removing the plaque. This plaque will subsequently become tartar, a hard substance that can only be taken care of by the dental professionals at Dr. Sato’s office.

Oral plaque buildup in spaces where teeth touch can bring about tooth cavities that can be tough to identify, and beneath the gum line, plaque will cause inflammation and subsequently result in gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is, in most cases, the real reason why your gums may bleed after flossing. Flossing teeth can help keep these locations clean and will allow your gums to heal and go back to normal.

Research done by scientists at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences found that using dental floss increases the potency of brushing teeth, allowing higher concentrations of fluoride to keep on the teeth for longer time periods. While the investigation saw data supporting that using dental floss before brushing might be more effective, the most important thing is flossing should be done daily!

Confused about the proper way to floss your teeth? Take a look at these tips by the ADA. Just remember, oral hygiene at home isn't adequate to keep your mouth healthy. Periodic exams with Dr. Sato and hygiene appointments are necessary. Reach out to us to arrange your next visit now!

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