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Dentistry Throughout History

Posted May 17 2016

The field of dentistry has changed a large amount throughout the centuries; From Hesy-Re, the first known dentist of 2600 BC Egypt, to Aristole's writings relating to an early type or orthodontics, to Pierre Fauchard, the father of modern-day dentistry, who offered dental fillings as a treatment method for dental cavities back in the 1700s, there are several captivating reports pertaining to dental treatment through history.

Below are a couple of unusual facts:

  • The first identified toothbrush was invented in the course of the Tang Dynasty in China. The brush's bristles were produced from stiff hogs hair!
  • The earliest recognized example of dental implants originated from the Maya Civilization, who employed sea shells so as to replace lost teeth.
  • In the time between the 5th and 15th centuries, dental work was administered by barber-surgeons. The typical red and white striped barber pole could have symbolized the bloodletting performed by barbers as well as the dressings utilized to staunch the blood loss.
  • In Queen Elizabeth's time, cavities were believed to be the effects of a worm that burrowed into teeth. The Queen sought to fight it through the consumption of sizable amounts of sugar, leading to the discolored teeth she was eventually known for.

To read more concerning the history of the field of dentistry, go to ADA's Dentistry Timeline. For modern dentistry, see Steve A. Sato, DDS in Dayton, OH.

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