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Dry Mouth - The Root of the Problem - Part 2 | Our Dental Blog

Dry Mouth - The Root of the Problem - Part 2

June 19 2017

In our most recent blog article, Dr. Sato began a discussion on dry mouth (also known as xerostomia). Dr. Sato discussed what dry mouth is as well as why it is a problem. You can read the initial post, here.

Now that we know a little bit more about dry mouth, Dr. Sato wants to focus on some of the most common causes of dry mouth. This list is not an exhaustive one, but does include the causes that we see most often in our office.

Dry mouth is a result of poor salivary flow from your salivary glands. So, what we are really discussing are things that prevent us from properly secreting saliva.

The most common reasons for inadequate salivary flow include:

Diseases/Health Issues

  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve Damage
  • Dehydration


  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications


  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Caffeine consumption

Of the things listed above, the most common cause of restricted saliva production is medications. Unfortunately, many of these medications are necessary and cannot be avoided:

  • Antidepressants
  • Pain Medication
  • Diuretics
  • Allergy Medication
  • HBP Medication

What treatment is available to avoid dry mouth?

Dr. Sato will answer this question in the third part of our blog series on dry mouth. Stay tuned to our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for blog updates, and many other pieces of content to help improve your oral and overall health.

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