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Electric vs. Manual

Aug 3 2016

Comparing a manual and electric toothbrush is easy. If a manual one is used properly for a proper amount of time there is no real difference. That being said, there are some circumstances where an electric toothbrush may be useful.

First and foremost, as a family dentist, Dr. Sato recommends electric toothbrushes for young kids. The reason for this is twofold. First, kids tend to be intrigued by an electric toothbrush which will lead them to use the toothbrush more than just a manual toothbrush. Second, typically a child does not have proper brushing form to properly utilize a manual brush. An electric brush will typically make up for the inadequate bushing technique employed by kids.

An additional scenario is people with troubles which include coordination, arthritis, orthodontic brackets, periodontal disease, etc. These troubles could hamper people from totally eliminating plaque even if they do brush their teeth properly. Although every person absolutely doesn't need to have a powered toothbrush, in some situations they are very beneficial.

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