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Junk Food and Your Oral Health

July 21 2016

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that junk food is not healthy for your teeth. However, many do not know how important oral health is to our overall health. In moderation, junk food is not bad for you, and who doesn’t love a treat here and there? However, if too much is consumed it can cause problems with your oral health which can, in turn, impact your general health. Dr. Sato and his team want all of our patients to have a healthy mouth as well as healthy body.

Junk food can cause cavities, and increase your chance of contracting periodontitis. Ultimately, periodontitis can weaken your bones and cause an inflammatory reaction. Additionally, it can put you at risk for heart conditions and other serious health conditions.

Foods with an excess of sugar and corn syrup cannot be avoided. These foods include candies, some juices, sodas and more. It has even been found that diet colas can cause problems due to the amount of acid in the drink which damage your teeth. The best way to ensure your oral and overall health is to avoid high intake of these types of food.

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