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Oral Health | What is Dry Mouth?

May 23 2017

Do you find yourself with a dry or sticky mouth quite often? Maybe, it is difficult for you to eat certain dry foods. Additionally, your saliva may feel thick and foamy. If any of these things are true for you, you may have developed dry mouth (xerostomia).

Dry mouth affects 25% of people in the US.

Dry mouth is an extremely prevalent problem for people. If you suffer from dry mouth, it can cause additional oral health issues. For this reason, Dr. Sato and his team in Dayton, OH want to educate you on dry mouth, and what treatments are available.

Dry mouth: What is it?

In layman’s terms, dry mouth is a condition where your salivary glands no longer produce an adequate amount of saliva. There are many reasons why this may have developed, which we will explore later on.

Why is saliva important?

Saliva is our best natural defender against oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Saliva is a great neutralizer against the acids and sugars that are introduced into your mouth when you eat. In addition to your oral health, dry mouth can be connected to diabetic and digestion issues as well.

What causes dry mouth?

Dr. Sato will discuss some of the most common causes of dry mouth during our next blog post. To stay connected with Dr. Sato and receive blog updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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