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Oral Health | What to Know About Your Sensitive Teeth

Apr 10 2017

Reasons You may be Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

In our last blog post, Dr. Sato introduced tooth sensitivity. We found out that almost 50% of adults in the United States suffer from some form of toot sensitivity. Below, Dr. Sato outlines several of the common causes of tooth sensitivity.

1. Dental Trauma - Your tooth/teeth may become sensitive to even minor tension if it has been distressed by any means; damaged or even cracked (by biting down on food). Occasionally, having your teeth cleaned, or a cavity filled, can result in sensitivity. If your teeth are sensitive due to this type of trauma, it may take weeks or months to subside.

2. Uneven Bite - If your teeth have moved, or have never been properly aligned, and your teeth are meeting prematurely, it may cause sensitivity. Your teeth may not be aligned properly due to thumb sucking as a child, jaw bone loss from gum disease, missing teeth, and more. Typically, if you receive a realignment, you will no longer experience sensitivity.

3. Cavities - If your tooth has rotted, it will be sensitive to hot, cold, and sweet food and drinks. The reason for this, is that the nerve of your tooth is exposed to bacteria, sugar, and acids that make up food. If you receive a filing, your sensitivity should subside.

4. Dental Infection - If your tooth is infected, it will be extremely sensitive. If you receive treatment to clear up your infection, the pain should subside. Additionally, an infection can be more than just painful, so it’s important that you seek treatment.

5. Dentinal Sensitivity - Exposed dentin is the most common cause of tooth sensitivity by far. Dentinal sensitivity occurs when your dentin is vulnerable. If your enamel is strong, your dentin will not be exposed and it will not be the cause of sensitivity. There are many reasons why your enamel may wear down. Dr. Sato will discuss those reasons in our next blog post.

Experiencing tooth sensitivity? We recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist to be evaluated. Dr. Sato in Dayton, OH is always welcoming new patients, so feel free to contact us today. Already a patient? Schedule an appointment today!

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