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Obesity—Is It Related to Gum Disease?

Oct 26 2018

A study carried out at New York Medical College believes to have found a correlation between periodontitis and obesity. According to the NYMC professor of medicine and pharmacology Nader G. Abraham, PhD, DrHC, DrHC, this is the first time it’s been confirmed the bacteria in our mouths can affect our fat cells.

Researchers have learned that fat cells can have an inflammatory reaction when under attack by viruses or bacteria. In obese people, this inflammation may result in type 2 diabetes. The researchers at NYMC carried out their research on mice, giving them a form of bacterium responsible for periodontitis (Porphyromonas gingivalis), and tracking the tissue inflammation. The researchers noticed that the bacteria had an influence on the operation of the fat tissue inside of the mice in the study.

Additionally, the research study discovered that Kavain, which is extracted from the kava plant, was able to counteract inflammation in obese patients. Salomon Amar, DDS, PhD of NYMC proposed that good oral hygiene practices could be employed alongside the anti-inflammatory properties of Kavain in order to reduce the health consequences of obesity.

Abraham mentioned the well-known connection between oral health and cardiovascular conditions and advised that the connection with obesity is yet another good reason why all people should make certain to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis, along with being sure to schedule routine cleanings and exams.

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