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Presidential Dental Facts

Posted April 28 2016

For our first post, we're doing something fun and looking at some presidential dental trivia.

Probably one of the most famous of these revolves around George Washington's wooden teeth. This story is familiar to most of us, but is there any truth to Washington's wooden dentures?

It turns out that this one may be partially true. While the base (the gums) of his dentures were likely made out of wood, the teeth themselves may have been real teeth. In Washington's case, the teeth used in his dentures would likely have been taken from solders who had fallen in battle.

Abraham Lincoln's fear of the dentist drove him to take his dental work into his own hands. He attempted to extract one of his own teeth, and accidentally removed a part of his jaw bone as well. From then on, he left his dental work to the professionals.

A pair of presidents known for their poor oral health are John Adams and Woodrow Wilson. The former had lost all of his teeth, causing him to speak with a pronounced lisp, while the latter shocked Americans when his inaugural picture displayed his horrendous smile.

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