Toothache? You may need a tooth extraction

tooth extraction drawing

Tooth extraction - as a remedy for a toothache - is the removal of a tooth permanently from its socket in the jaw bone. You might be thinking it as a very painful process, but it is a minor medical procedure which rarely causes any infection or complication.

Removal of a single tooth can have a negative effect on your dental health, so Dr. Sato will generally recommend restoration of teeth before extractions. If an extraction is inevitable, however, Dr. Sato may discuss replacement of the lost tooth.

Causes of Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth damage due to infection, decay or breakage. These are the most common reasons for tooth extraction.
  • An extra tooth that obstructs other teeth from coming in
  • Extra teeth thatmay prevent orthodontic treatment i.e. make space for this treatment
  • A tooth that is unsuitable for root canal treatment
  • Teeth associated with gum disease and extremely loose teeth
  • A tooth that is not properly positioned
  • An impacted tooth

aftercare for tooth extraction
  • Strictly and carefully follow the aftercare measures suggested by your dentist.
  • Do not rinse, spit, or suck through a straw for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you may rinse with warm salt water. Allow the water to naturally drain from your mouth. Do not spit.
  • Take medicines as prescribed by your dentist.
  • Encourage a clot to form at the extraction site.
  • Avoid smoking till the extraction site is completely healed.
  • Avoid doing vigorous exercise for one week.
  • Avoid strenuous activity at least for 5 to 6 hours after the extraction.
  • Avoid hard foods. For the first three days take liquids without using a straw and have soft foods.
  • Strictly avoid chewing on the extraction site till the wound is okay.
  • Apply wrapped ice packs to reduce facial swelling.
  • Put half teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth gently for few days to keep the area clean.
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