Savings Plan

Don’t have dental insurance? 

No problem! 

The Sato Savings Plan (SSP) is an in-house savings plan for those without dental insurance. It is a way to help make maintaining a beautiful smile and complete oral health more affordable. We’ve created an in-house savings plan that can help you save on dental treatment.  This program is NOT dental insurance, but is a way to help you save while you maintain a beautiful smile.  

Regular Hygiene Plan
Periodontal Maintenance Plan

Our Advantages:

  • Immediate Enrollment: No waiting periods or pre-authorization needed.
  • Overall Savings: Patients spend less on every dental procedure performed by Dr. Sato in our office (excludes treatment by a specialist).
  • No Limits: Our plan does not have any yearly maximums like dental insurance.
  • Predictable Pricing: Lock in your savings for hygiene treatments for the entire year of the plan—regardless of any office fee increases.

Golden Buckeye Courtesy

We offer a 10% courtesy off dental treatments to our patients 65 and older who do not have dental insurance.  Also affectionately known as the “wisdom discount,” it is our way of honoring our senior patients.  No Buckeye card, application, etc. is necessary to be eligible for this courtesy—just attaining 65 years of age (with no dental insurance).