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Your Teeth Might be Tarnished by Consuming These Types of Foods and Beverages

Posted June 1 2016

For our friends in the Dayton area who would like to keep their teeth bright and white, there are a few food choices and drinks that they may want to be aware of.

Though your tooth enamel is the strongest substance within the human body, it does contain imperceptible ridges which may catch remains from darkly pigmented refreshments which include cola, tea and coffee. This means that these kinds of foods can discolor the otherwise translucent enamel, causing stained teeth. In addition, soda also possesses high amounts of acidity, signifying that it can degrade tooth enamel in addition to stain it.

Along with these drinks, refined foods consisting of food coloring might additionally discolor your teeth. A couple of these include: fruit juices, tomato sauce and popsicles.

A standard rule of thumb to think about is: If the food would stain your carpeting, then it will most likely stain your teeth.

The best method to keep your teeth bright as well as remove discoloration is to sustain a good brushing and flossing habit. With regard to long-term discoloration or stains, talk to Dr. Sato regarding teeth whitening choices.

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