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Dental Health | Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay

Jan 24 2018

Do cavities and tooth decay worry you? Nobody wants to hear that they have a cavity, but ignoring a cavity or tooth decay can cause more serious health issues, sensitivity, and pain.

If you practice good dental hygiene at home and schedule routine dental visits but still worry about cavities and tooth decay, some dietary changes may help ease your fear.

Some foods that help prevent tooth decay include:

Sugar-free Gum
When you pick up a pack of gum at the store, make sure it contains xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that protects your teeth from decay and the development of cavities.

Fruits and Vegetables
Things such as pineapples, pears, and celery are great for the health of your mouth and teeth.

Eat Raisins
A chemical component in raisins can actually fight against decay and cavities.

Sugar-free Sweets
Just like sugar-free gum, sugar-free candy containing xylitol can help lower the risk of tooth decay.

Dairy Products
Dairy products contain a protein called “casein.” This protein is found in foods such as yogurt and cheese. Casein is a highly beneficial protein to the health of your mouth.

Are you in need of a dental exam?

One of the best ways to fight tooth decay, besides brushing and flossing correctly, is through maintaining regular dental appointments. Your dentist can spot any problem areas in your mouth and offer advice on what to do to keep a healthy smile.

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